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Produced for a Trial DK who is my “successor”.

Yes i switched mains to my Warlock.


Tom’s Top Tips – #3


Night Elves are gay.

Night Elves

Tom’s Top Tips – #2


To bid, Click bid.



Gosh, What is this?



So on to business, Ulduar 25, Going good. 10/14. Loot’s rolling in, currently happy with my lovely soft expertise cap and decent level of hit rating. Also homing in on 60% avoidance while maintaining 40k hp!

Next to mention is our guild’s new loot system. We’ve made the switch from a loot council to EPGP. We havn’t been using it long enough to see a noticable difference in how it will affect raid attendance, slacking and speed looting but i’m confident there will be improvement. I dislike having to depend on an addon so much but i suppose it’s not much difference than how much i depend on Runewatch.

Also, wowTwitter!! Ahh i really hope this is sucessfull, i’ll be doing my best to spread it around my wow collective. I already seem to have made a new friend in the form of the Warlock Cologane who kindly gave my blog a plug on his blog so i’ll return the favor and recommend you head over there. Some interesting reading to be done about WoW life from a Warlock Point of view. Something i can relate to having played Warlock from EU Release to Wrath Release.

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Tom’s Top Tips – #1

And so begins the saga of awesome advice which will be given approximately once a week.


Fire burns.

Fire Burns

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[Worldcarver] [Worldcarver] [Worldcarver] [Worldcarver]

So yeah i fail at posting regular blog posts, Get used to it.

Ulduar, in my opinion, is the greatest raid experience in World of Warcraft to date.  I’m only halfway through it and i’m already in love with how induvidual each boss fight is. Before i tried Flame Leviathon i despised the idea of a boss encounter entirely on vehicles. It completely defeats the point in spending years perfecting your characters gear and learning how to play it, Vehicles can be buggy and cumbersome and Malygos phase 3 sucks (rite.?). However Blizzard have hit it bang on with Ulduar! Each one of the vehicles is very fun to play, the fight isn’t super easy but it isn’t something to give you an early heart attack over and the loot! The loot in ulduar is fantastic! Great models, animations and stats!

I don’t have a favorite encounter because there is something i love about each one, i love how they test each of my tanking skills which i learnt in Heroics, practiced in Naxx and now i am putting them to good use in very challenging situations. Razorscale is a gross challenge in controlling very large groups of volatile mobs which are tricky to pick up. It’s not just a case of drop death and decay then faceroll. Ignis tests your skills in boss movement, taking him in a 4 point circle or dragging the adds into scorch then pulling them into the water which is alot trickier than it sounds when they drop all their agro when they are at their most dangerous point and with interupts flying around. Kologarn, well what can i say.. OBLIVION!! Auriyia has a different kind of add controll to her, trying to manage an extremely volatile mob. Hodir requires mastery of tank movement to make the very most of each bonus the NPCs bring to the raid.

I’ve got a feeling i’m going to be getting bored at looking of the best weapon ingame for Death Knight tanks.. Why’s this? Because i have it!! [Worldcarver] went to me in a dramatic loot desicion as after every officer had made their vote as to who it should go to, it was equal between me and our other DK tank. The last vote was made by the DK class leader and it went to me. Technically the DK class leader should not have voted because he also announced his interest in it but i am not complaining. 😀

Anyway, onwards to Yoggy and Algalon!